2013 Ferrari 458 Italia Estremo by DMC

Technical Specs
592 hp n/a 3 s 206 mph
Horsepower Torque 0-60 mph Top Speed
Engine Exterior Dimensions & Weight
Type V8 Length 178.2 in (4527 mm)
Displacement 275 cu in (4499 cc) Width 76.3 in (1937 mm)
Power 592 hp (442 kW) @ 9000 rpm Height 46.6 in (1183 mm)
Torque n/a Weight 3164 lbs (1435 kg)
Redline 9000 rpm Performance
Electric Power n/a 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) 3 s (3.1 s)
Electric Torque n/a 1/4 mile n/a
Net Power n/a 60-0 Braking n/a
Driveline Top Speed 206 mph (332 km/h)
Layout Rear Wheel Drive Fuel Economy
Transmission EPA Fuel Mileage - City 12 mpg
Type 7 Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic EPA Fuel Mileage - HWY 16 mpg
Tires Origin & Price
Tire Size - Front 245/35 ZR20 Manufacturer's Origin Italy
Tire Size - Rear 305/30 ZR21 Base Price n/a
Photo Gallery

German Tuner Reveals 458 Italia Estremo Limited Edition

Published: Fri Nov 15, 2013 by Marko P.  |  Source: DMC
The first car has been assembled by DMC's partner in Japan for a client in Tokyo.
The first car has been assembled by DMC's partner in Japan for a client in Tokyo.

The DMC's Estremo is a no-boundaries, high-tech project based on the Ferrari 458 Italia and limited to 15 examples worldwide. In addition, every third client will receive a Gold-Edition which features an extra body part (secret for now) and a Custom Owner Plate signed by the car's designer. Naturally the Gold series is limited to five kits.

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a hot blooded sports car, but DMC says it's just good enough as a base car. Besides adding more power and a stunning new body, the weight of the car was reduced dramatically. While Maranello loves using carbon fiber on the Italia, DMC further improved upon it.

The first car has been assembled by DMC's partner in Japan for a client in Tokyo. It's using a completely new front fascia with extreme modified air channels for better cooling. Combined with a new side-vented front hood, this not only generates a unique look but also necessary downforce. The side panels are redeveloped to smoothen windflow while adding an aggressive touch.

The complete rear fascia presents itself in extreme carbon fiber, and creates additional dowforce thanks to the massive wing spoiler, which adds to the strong design character of DMC's kit. The total weight saving is between 110-170 lb (50-80 kg) compared with the stock car.

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