2014 McLaren MP4-12C

Technical Specs
616 hp 442 lb-ft 3 s 207 mph
Horsepower Torque 0-60 mph Top Speed
Engine Exterior Dimensions & Weight
Type V8, Twin-Turbo Length 177.5 in (4509 mm)
Displacement 232 cu in (3799 cc) Width 75.1 in (1908 mm)
Power 616 hp (460 kW) @ 7500 rpm Height 47.2 in (1199 mm)
Torque 442 lb-ft (600 Nm) @ 3000 - 7000 rpm Kerb Weight 3161 lb (1434 kg)
Redline n/a Performance
Electric Power n/a 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) 3 s (3.1 s)
Electric Torque n/a 1/4 mile 10.6 s @ 136 mph
Net Power n/a 60-0 Braking 101 ft (30.7 m)
Driveline Top Speed 207 mph (333 km/h)
Layout Rear Wheel Drive Fuel Economy
Transmission EPA Fuel Mileage - City 15 mpg
Type 7 Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic EPA Fuel Mileage - HWY 22 mpg 
Tires Origin & Price
Tire Size - Front 235/35 ZR19 Manufacturer's Origin United Kingdom
Tire Size - Rear 305/30 ZR20 Base Price $239,400
Photo Gallery

2014 MP4-12C Coupe is a Pure Driver-Focused Sports Car

Published: Sun Dec 08, 2013 by Marko P.  |  Source: McLaren
The technologies and processes used in the development of the 12C are borrowed from Formula 1 racing, not from normal car making.
The technologies and processes used in the development of the 12C are borrowed from Formula 1 racing, not from normal car making.

The McLaren MP4-12C was the first in a new range of high performance sports cars from McLaren Automotive. Designed and built like no other sports car, the 12C benefits from McLaren's Formula 1 world championship-winning heritage, and has been developed by a world-class team of designers and engineers with hands-on Grand Prix experience.

Formula 1 technology includes the one-piece carbon fiber MonoCell chassis - for greater strength and lower weight - plus Brake Steer and an 'active' aerodynamics McLaren Airbrake (although these last two technologies have now been banned from Formula 1 as they offered performance advantages). The MP4-12C Coupe uses technologies born on the track and offered for the first time on a road car. The technologies and processes used in the development of the 12C are also borrowed from Formula 1 racing, not from normal car making.

The result is a car totally focused around the driver, offering class-leading all-round performance and the best efficiency in its class as standard.

For the 2013 Model Year, enhancements have been made to the McLaren MP4-12C Coupe to improve performance and responsiveness. An increase in power takes maximum output up to 616 hp, while the seven-speed SSG transmission has been improved with a new calibration. These changes mean the 12C is even faster and more intuitive, but with no loss in efficiency. These latest upgrades are being offered to existing MP4-12C Coupe owners as a complimentary package.

The 12C, like the 12C Spider, is built at the new $60 million McLaren Production center (MPC) facility in Woking, Surrey, adjacent to the McLaren Technology center (MTC). The manufacturing facility was opened in November 2011 by UK Prime Minister David Cameron and McLaren Group Chairman Ron Dennis.

The 12C's closest rival is the Ferrari 458 Italia.

MP4-12C's Exterior

The design of the 12C was driven by aerodynamics and engineering innovation; the reason why McLaren Automotive believes it will remain contemporary and elegant throughout its lifetime as well as distinctive among its rivals.

Frank Stephenson, McLaren Automotive's Design Director, finalized the design: "I feel that the end result communicates the 12C's engineering integrity and technical benefits and it is this purity that makes the design timeless and the product premium."

The overall design theme supports engineering and aerodynamic ambitions. Purity of line then gives the car its character. All the fins, vents and the flat underbody are there for a reason. No styling addenda have been incorporated simply for appeal or style.

This aerodynamic purity explains why this car can hit top speed of 207 mph (333 km/h) with great stability without resorting to overt wings or deep front air dams.

A perfect example of the exterior design resulting from the combination of aerodynamics and engineering innovation is the front of the car, from the A-pillar forwards. It is very low and narrow, since it does not have to house large engine cooling radiators, two of which are mounted longitudinally at the sides behind the occupants. This offers the added benefit of segment-leading space for storage under the bonnet.

The 12C's rear is unique. Exhaust pipes exit high, in the center of the car and straight out from the engine - minimizing their length and therefore their weight. The rear features a bank of slats and vents to ensure efficient evacuation of hot air from the engine bay, and the engine itself is visible through a thin glass cover on the rear deck.

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