2016 McLaren 675LT

Technical Specs
666 hp 516 lb-ft 2.8 s 205 mph
Horsepower Torque 0-60 mph Top Speed
Engine Exterior Dimensions & Weight
Type V8, Twin-Turbo Length 179 in (4546 mm)
Displacement 232 cu in (3799 cc) Width with Mirrors 82.5 in (2095 mm)
Power 666 hp (497 kW) @ 7100 rpm Height 46.5 in (1188 mm)
Torque 516 lb-ft (700 Nm) @ 5500 rpm Dry Weight 2712 lb (1230 kg)
Redline n/a Performance
Electric Power n/a 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) 2.8 s (2.9 s)
Electric Torque n/a 1/4 mile n/a
Net Power n/a 60-0 mph Braking n/a
Driveline Top Speed 205 mph (330 km/h)
Layout Rear Wheel Drive Fuel Economy
Transmission EPA Fuel Mileage - City n/a
Type 7 Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic EPA Fuel Mileage - HWY n/a
Tires Origin & Price
Tire Size - Front 235/35 ZR19 Manufacturer's Origin United Kingdom
Tire Size - Rear 305/30 ZR20 Base Price $349,500
Photo Gallery

675LT Re-Establishes the McLaren 'Longtail' Heritage

Published: Wed Feb 25, 2015 by Randy Wellington  |  Source: McLaren
Offered as a Coupé only, the 675LT will be the most track-focused, yet road 
legal, model in the McLaren Super Series.
Offered as a Coupé only, the 675LT will be the most track-focused, yet road legal, model in the McLaren Super Series.

McLaren has unveiled the 666-horsepower 675LT supercar, which features over a third of new parts compared to the 650S. The McLaren 675LT will make its world debut at the 85th Geneva Motor Show.

Offered as a Coupé only, the 675LT will be the most track-focused, yet road legal, model in the McLaren Super Series, with a power to weight ratio that eclipses the new Ferrari 488 GTB and Porsche 911 GT3. The sprint from 0-60 mph takes just 2.8 seconds, with controlled torque delivery ensuring optimized traction off the line. Acceleration continues at relentless pace with the 124 mph (200 km/h) barrier broken in 7.9 seconds, on to a top speed of 205 mph (330 km/h).

The 650S Coupé and Spider will continue in production alongside the new 675LT. The LT name is derived from the iconic McLaren F1 GTR 'Longtail'.

675LT Features Aggressive, Yet Stylish Exterior Design

The first images of the car demonstrate a more aggressive look for the McLaren brand than has been seen before. Styling cues run from the extended carbon fiber front splitter, through an extended door blade and additional cooling intake, to the circular twin titanium exhaust pipes, giving a hint to the performance available for the most powerful and lightest model in the McLaren Super Series. The active 'Longtail' Airbrake is 50 percent bigger than the one fitted to the 650S yet, due its carbon fiber structure, is actually lighter. This is just one of the enhancements that add up to a dry weight of just 2,712 lb (1,230 kg).

675LT's Driver-Focused Cabin

The purposeful driver-focused cabin of the 675LT gives indication of track potential. A pair of ultra lightweight carbon fiber-shelled bucket seats, upholstered in Alcantara as standard and modelled on those in the McLaren P1, provide comfort and support with no compromise on overall weight. A subtle 675LT logo features on the headrest of each seat, and is also present on the rev counter. In a change to the other models in the Super Series, the air conditioning controls are now incorporated within the touchscreen infotainment system.

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