Bugatti Divo Debuts With 1500 HP, Production Limited To 40 Units

Sat Aug 25, 2018
The Bugatti Divo was one of the most highly-anticipated cars headed to Pebble Beach and now the automaker has finally unveiled the model.

Milan Red: Here Are New Photos Of Austria’s 1,306HP Koenigsegg Rival

Wed Aug 08, 2018
The Milan Red is here to stay, as after being unveiled at the end of July, it now took to Austria’s capital city, Vienna, at St. Stephen’s Cathedral ....

Bugatti boss reveals what kind of people buy its $3 million hypercars

Thu May 03, 2018
Bugatti is one of the most storied names in the automotive universe. Even though the century-old brand has not always had the smoothest ride financially, the company is now thriving under Volkswagen Group ownership. Leading the venerable marque these days ...

Extreme Bugatti Chiron Special Edition Coming Inspired By Vision GT

Wed May 02, 2018
At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Bugatti unveiled the track-focused Chiron Sport. A true Chiron successor will eventually arrive, but in the meantime new CEO Stephen Winkelmann has hinted that several new Bugatti models ...

Average Bugatti Veyron Owner has 84 Cars, 3 Jets, 1 Yacht

Sun Oct 05, 2014
Bugatti and Bentley CEO Wolfgang Duerheimer said that their typical customer is spectaculary well-off and also an avid car collector.

Bugatti Veyron Successor to be Named Chiron

Sun Sep 07, 2014
According to Car and Driver, the next Bugatti supercar is to be called Chiron after one of the company's former racing drivers.

Bugatti Veyron Lake Crash Was Actually an Insurance Fraud [w/ video]

Wed Aug 27, 2014
The driver, Andy Lee House of Lufkin, TX, plead guilty to intentionally drive the expensive Veyron into a lake to get an insurance payout.

Bugatti Creates Lifestyle Collection Based on Veyron Legend Supercars

Mon Aug 18, 2014
Bugatti has released six different tailor-made fashion and accessories pieces that take inspiration from the Veyron Legend series cars.

Report: Bugatti Veyron's Successor Could Have 1,500 hp, 286 mph Top Speed

Wed Aug 06, 2014
Bugatti insiders have revealed to Autocar that the successor to Bugatti's iconic Veyron hypercar could feature performance credentials so wild that its top speed will be difficult to prove.

Photoshoot: Bugatti Veyron in Red and White Color

Mon Mar 17, 2014
This Veyron in striking white and red colors has been spotted in Monaco, the playground of the rich and famous.

Facing Strong Competition, Bugatti Experiences Slower Sales

Sat Feb 15, 2014
The French brand shocked the world with the Veyron 16.4 in 2006, but after 8 years and ever stronger competition, the hypercar is becoming increasingly difficult to sell.

Simon Cowell Selling His Bugatti Veyron

Fri Jan 10, 2014
After admitting he only drove it twice in four years, the star of The X Factor and American Idol is selling his 1000-horsepower Veyron through the Barrett-Jackson auction house.

Bugatti Invites You Behind the Wheel of a Grand Sport Vitesse

Mon Nov 18, 2013
Bugatti's Dynamic Drive Experience is designed to engage ultra-high net worth individuals and enthusiasts by giving them the keys of a Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse, the world's fastest production roadster, for one day.
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