2019 Porsche Macan revealed

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Like the Cayenne before it, the Macan has been a huge hit for Porsche. It’s the marque’s most popular model, with more than 97,000 delivered in 2017 alone.

Having been introduced for 2015, the Macan is now at the midway point in its life cycle, and to keep sales brimming Porsche has given the small SUV a substantial update.

Porsche unveiled the updated Macan on Wednesday in Shanghai—almost one in three of the SUVs are sold in China—and will start deliveries late this year. The first examples are expected to land in the United States in early 2019.

Porsche is holding back most of the details until closer to the market launch, though the automaker has previously revealed that there will improved performance, particularly in the powertrain department. The Macan currently offers power outputs ranging from 252 to 440 horsepower, with the latter generated by a twin-turbocharged V-6 in a Macan Turbo equipped with a Performance Package.

What we do know is that the updated Macan has benefitted from standard LED head and taillights, with the latter adopting the wraparound look seen on the Cayenne and Panamera. There have also been little tweaks made around the body to give the vehicle a more athletic look. In particular, the front has been made to look wider and lower. The designers also added new 20- and 21-inch wheel patterns similar to those found on Porsche's sports cars.

For the interior, the biggest change is a new 11-inch touchscreen display for the infotainment system, which features customizable menus. The system includes improved voice activation as well as navigation with real-time traffic updates. One of the key elements of this system is the Here Cloud connection, which offers swarm-based traffic data. There's also a new Offroad Precision app, which off-road enthusiasts can use to record off-road driving experiences.

Porsche has also upgraded the Macan's suite of electronic driver aids. Included is a new Traffic Jam Assist that handles acceleration and braking at speeds of up to 37 mph. It can also handle mild steering functions during slow-moving traffic.

There isn't much further information on hand, especially in regards to improved performance. Porsche does state however that it tuned the chassis for improved handling and comfort. New tire designs are also said to improve dynamic performance, and just like on Porsche's sports cars the tires feature a staggered arrangement with a wider pair used at the rear compared to the front.

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