Renders: Ford GT Spider and Acura NSX Targa

Published: Wed Jan 14, 2015 by Marko P.  |  Categories: Acura, Ford, Honda  |  Source: X-Tomi Design

A digital artist has rendered the two newest supercars in a Spider/Targa variant.

Both the Ford GT and Acura/Honda NSX have been released in their coupe forms at the North American International Auto Show. There are currently no plans to produce an open-top version of either of them, although the first-generation NSX was available in a targa configuration.

The new Ford GT has ditched its traditional V8 engine and will now use an EcoBoost V6 engine with over 600 horsepower. A more modern approach is also evident in the use of carbon fiber and active aerodynamics.

The Japanese - as was expected after all those years of research and development - have made the most technologically complex car in its segment. Their 550-horsepower NSX features a twin-turbo V6 and no less than three electric motors, mated to a 9-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Source: X-Tomi Design

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