The Tesla Model 3's first year of production has already sold out

Published: Wed Oct 19, 2016 by WPH-RSport  |  Categories: Tesla  |  Source: topgear

Want a new Tesla Model 3? You may have to wait a wee while. Elon Musk, responding to a Twitter post, confirmed that the first 12 months of production have already sold out.

Orders for Musk’s much anticipated electric car, of course, went off the charts: within the first 24 hours, just under 200,000 orders had been placed, and shortly after that, climbed to 276k. Recently, reports suggest that order book now tops 400,000. A lot of those pre-orders were with an option mix too, pushing the average price of a reserved Model 3 to $42k (the base car starts at $35k).

Here are your basics then: the Tesla Model 3 is a five-seat, electric car capable of accelerating from 0-60mph in under six seconds (“we don’t make slow cars at Tesla,” Musk said). It’s rear-wheel-drive, but will come with the option of a dual-motor AWD version.

And, you’ll be glad to hear, will later feature a ‘Ludicrous’ mode that’ll no doubt drop that 0-60mph time considerably.

Range? At least 215 miles, though Musk hopes “to exceed” that.

It’s the car Musk always set out to build, in the hope of accelerating “the transition to sustainable transport”.

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