Apollo Intensa Emozione Excels At Stopping People In Their Tracks

Published: Sat Aug 04, 2018 by WPH-RSport  |  Categories: Apollo  |  Source: carscoops / youtube

Park the Apollo Intensa Emozione (IE) next to a Bugatti Chiron and most heads will turn towards the former.

Apollo’s hypercar is not exactly on par with the Molsheim-made beast and its quad-turbo 8.0-liter W16 engine that pushes out 1,500PS (1,479hp / 1,103kW) and 1,600Nm (1,180lb-ft) of torque, but it looks even more insane.

The IE combines sharp lines with fluid styling, and they’re not there for cosmetic reasons, as they contribute to its advanced aerodynamics. It also has a ginormous diffuser at the back that incorporates the central-mounted exhaust pipes, a huge wing, and gullwing-style doors that provide access into the impressive cabin that doesn’t cut back on the usual amenities such as infotainment system and air conditioning.

And while it may not be as fast as the Chiron, it’s pretty darn close to it as it needs only 2.7 seconds to hit the 100km/h (62mph) mark from a standstill and has a top speed of 335km/h (208mph). Its naturally aspirated, 6.3-liter V12 produces 780PS (769hp / 574kW) and 760Nm (561lb-ft) of torque, which is almost half compared to the Veyron, but then it weighs just 1,250kg (2,756lbs), which makes it much lighter than the 1,996 kg (4,400 lb) Bugatti.

Almost a year after its online unveiling, the Apollo IE is featured in yet another video by Carfection, which took it out to the streets of London, England. This isn’t your typical review, as it doesn’t give any feedback on what it’s actually like to drive it, but rather on the impact it has on bystanders.

As for the drive, Carfection will be back “soon enough” with yet another engaging video, and that one will probably be one of the few times that we’ll see what the IE is made of, given that only 10 units will be produced.

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